Beta Commentary

For my beta commentary assignment for BCM325, we needed to offer feedback to 3 of our peer’s beta posts. By doing so, I was able to assist in the development of their ideas along with gain new ideas for my own DA assignment.

The three reviews I conducted included:

Space Future

Brief Description: Samuel’s DA concept is based around the idea of the future of space and space exploration. He began the iteration of his DA on youtube but decided to start utilising TikTok as well. This decision was based on feedback he received from his pitch video. Samuel found that TikTok worked well with his DA as it fits into the SMART concept.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.15


Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.08.23












Reflection: For Samuel’s comment I focused on discussing the benefit of integrating mediums to reach a wider audience. With this, I discussed the difference in algorithms between youtube and Tiktok and how Tiktok makes it easier to reach more people, in less time, then on youtube. I also mentioned the importance of letting his audience on one platform know about his utilisation of another platform. I suggested one TikTok idea that I believe, would intrigue Tiktok users and found an article that contains information he could use if he pursued this idea.

Lesson: Samuels transition onto Tiktok made me think about my own DA. His key medium being supported by another, that is easy and fast to produce content on, made me think that I could potentially implement a similar strategy. As I’m producing blog posts, that usually takes time producing, I wondered if I could find a way to quickly produce information to get attention to my main mediums. My conclusion was that I would need to utilise Reddit and twitter more to spawn conversations that would attract people to my blog quickly and effectively.

UOW creatives

Brief Description: As one of the individuals running UOW creatives social media’s, Mai used her DA beta to explain their strategies and goals to grow their account. She began her beta with statistics that explain their fast growth over the last couple of months. She then went on to explain their goals to network and develop the community surrounding their page.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.35.48

Reflection: For Mai’s comment, I found it hard to offer advice as she seemed to have covered most of her bases and had thought about her plans. So instead of advice, I offered her another idea. I suggested that UOW creative could start an ‘episode’ like series, via Instagram stories, where they get one guest featured every week. This would align with their goals of community development and attracting a wider audience. I also linked an article that provides different ideas on online community development.

Lesson: One area that Mai seemed to heavily concentrate on was the progress the account had been making based on their analytics. This made me realise that I had not yet paid much attention to my own analytics, nor thought about my personal ways of measuring my blogs ‘success,’ for example through subscriptions, clicks, or comments. After writing my comment, I made it my goal to introduce analytics into my feedback loops. 

Corona Virus

Reflection: Gemma’s DA concept is based on the future of learning and how the coronavirus has/will impact learning. She will be sharing her findings in the form of a blog post. All of her information and conclusions will be based around discussions made on the topic on pages like UOW rants. These concepts will also be supported by academic studies and other secondary sources.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.57.24Screenshot 2020-05-21 17.57.32

Reflection: For Gemma’s comment I reflected on the different routes she could take on her blog post. This included asking questions like the time frame and the effects of the financial struggle on universities and how this will affect learning. Personally, I am very curious about the small & large changes COVID will have on my degree. This curiosity led me to an article that suggests lectures may be the first thing to change. I shared this article with Gemma as one potential source for her blog post.

Lesson: Gemma’s blog post reminded me of the importance of keeping up to date with current discussions. This includes finding a method to communicate and observe discussions. As I have already implemented using Reddit to do this, I decided to make it a bigger factor and creating a weekly schedule where I need to go and read what has been discussed.

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